Old favourite Becks Beer. A light lager with a bit of a thin taste, nothing special. Easy to drink in volume. Becks is now a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch (aka Budweiser). 4.8%ABV.

Hinano Ambree

I was impressed to see Hinano have introduced a pale/amber ale. It wasn't full on "hoppy" but a welcome change to the lager style beers that you get most places in French Polynesia. It was also selling for a little bit of a premium over regular Hinano in the restaurants that had it.

Its 5%ABV.


Hinano is a Tahitian beer. Its a pale yellow Lager style and only slightly bitter, a hint of citrus too. Its quite fizzy but doesn't have much of a head when poured. Its very easy drinking and is 5%ABV.

Judging by the amount of Hinano branded merchandise everywhere its a very popular brew.

In 2004 we had it in white cans, by 2017 they seemed to have changed Hinano to a blue coloured can. 


Manu Patia

This is a Pale Ale "craft beer", which I found in a couple of restaurants in French Polynesia. It is malty with some toffee flavours and a good head. It has a bee on the label but as far as I can make out there is no honey in it. Turns out it is brewed by Brasserie de Tahiti, who also brew Hinano and are, in turn, owned by Heineken.

Its quite pricey, reflecting its craft status. 5%ABV

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