1998 BMW Z3 1.9i

Engine: 1895cc 4 cylinder 8 valves
Max Power: 116HP (87kW) @ 5500RPM 
Torque: 180Nm @3900RPM
Max Speed: 198kph (123mph)

This was Bevs car when she lived in Richmond and later Maidenhead.

It was unusual in many ways. It was basically the version with the smallest engine that had all the options fitted.

So a 1.9 4 cylinder engine but with Automatic gearbox, aircon and electric roof, leather seats and steering wheel, metallic paint and big M series wheels. The wheels created a lot of bump steer, so it was a bit like driving a beach buggy, but lots of fun.

If I had been specifying the car, with the same budget, I would have had the 2.8 litre version with flat paint, manual roof, no leather. I might have kept the wheels though...