2011 Subaru Forester 2.5X

Engine: 2.5lt Flat 4, 16V
Max Power: 170HP (130 KW)
Max Speed: 113mph
0-60mph: 8.7 seconds

We were putting a lot of miles on the Subaru Legacy Blitzen and decided to buy something newer. We couldn't find any reasonably priced, recent, low mileage cars so started looking at new. We thought hard about the Mitsubishi Outlander but in the end went for the basic spec 2.5 litre Subaru Forester. The only options we specified were the alloy wheels and exhaust trims.

We got the new engine (FB25), with lightweight engine oil, but they were still putting their old school 4 speed automatic in them at that time.

Its been a great car, very reliably and nice to drive. My only criticism is that it seems to be made of very thin metal and doors and sides have been dinged several times by people with trolleys at Auckland Airport and in supermarket car parks.