2002 Subaru Legacy Blitzen

Engine: 1994cc 4 cylinder Boxer Engine Twin Turbo
Max Power: 280hp (206KW) at 6,400 rpm
Max Speed: 138mph (limiter, allegedly 155mph without)
0-60mph: 5.2 seconds

With the birth of our daughter in 2005, we needed a second car to allow Bev to get around whilst I was at work. I had always been impressed by Subaru reliability and performance and they also looked "more European" in styling than some of the other cheap Japanese cars so we decided on a Subaru Legacy. The Blitzen was an interesting special edition. They took the fundamentals of the 2.0 Turbo GT model and had Porsche do some styling tweaks which resulted in some nice wheels, bumpers, spoiler and exhaust.

Our car was a Japanese import and had a great spec including DVD player with Navigation and TV, none of which worked in New Zealand of course. In its favour it had a pretty powerful twin turbo motor, with four wheel drive and a tiptronic gearbox. Great value for a little over $17,000 NZD.

The Blitzen was a great car to drive, if a little thirsty. We didn't have any major repairs other than the usual brakes, battery, tyres etc. We quickly took the mileage from 70,000kms up to nearly 170,000km so decided to trade it for another Subaru, this time a much more sensible and new Forester.