1994 Mitsubishi Pajero

Engine: 4 cylinder 2835cc Turbo Intercooled Diesel
Power: 123hp
Torque: 292nm @ 2000 rpm
Max Speed: 96mph
0-60mph: 16.8 seconds
Weight: 1830kg

When we arrived in New Zealand, in late 2004, we weren't sure how long we would stay, but thought perhaps 12 months would allow us to relax and also see something of the country.

We decided to do a six week tour round the country with Bev's mum and dad, Bill and Joyce. We needed a car and at first I thought either an estate car or a Toyota RAV 4 would suffice. We looked at a lot of RAVs, they were mostly 10 years old imports and selling for around $10-12,000. They held their price well.

On a trip to the weekly Ellerslie car fair, I spotted a "proper" four wheel drive Mitsubishi Pajero, known as a Shogun in the UK. It was a substantially heavier built car than the RAV, with a massive separate steel chassis. It wasn't ideal being the short wheel based 3 door model, but it was a diesel and the price was good. The lady selling it had recently paid $12,000 for it, but needed to sell quickly to take up a teaching job in Japan. We settled on $6,750.

The Pajero was a great car. It took a lot of abuse and yet had very few problems - just the usual tyres, batteries, brakes. The worst problem was the Diesel injection pump which failed when New Zealand introduced low-sulphur diesel - a very much hidden consequence and cost that affected many diesel drivers. 

I loved driving the car, it was not very fast but had great torque. When I finally sold it in 2013, we had put 100,000 kms on it, for a total of 170,000 kms, although I wouldn't be surprised if it had been clocked when first imported. Plenty of people seem to drive them for 3-400,000 kms. I advertised it on the web and it sold within a minute for $2,250. No bad 8 years of happy motoring for a loss of only $4,500 !

Pajero interior

Paj's interior in 2013, at 19 years old.