1992 BMW 318i

Engine: 1796cc 4 cylinder 8 valves
Power: 111hp
Max Speed: 123mph
0-60mph: 10.3 seconds

This was my first, and last, company car.

I had just reached the level to qualify for a company car but the allowance was something like £11,500 which would only buy a modest specification Ford Escort.

The new shape BMW 3 series had just launched and I really wanted one. The company allowed you to top up the allowance by 50% with your own money. It was a good deal for them because you were effectively subsidizing the depreciation on the car.

So with my new budget I was just able to scrape into a 318i. It had only one factory option, the sunroof to avoid a long wait, but nothing else. To keep the cost down, it had flat non-metallic paint, steel wheels and didn't even have a radio. 

The 318 was a great car. I kept in much longer than I needed to under the car scheme, 5 years in fact. I did enquire about buying it, but the still wanted over £9,000 with 65,000 miles and one careless owner !