1987 Rover 820i

Engine: 1994cc, 4 cylinder 16valve
Power: 138hp @ 6000rpm
Max Speed: 126mph
0-60mpg: 9.8 seconds

I bought this car in 1990 at Auction in Norwich for £4000. I had always liked the Rover SDI, so it seemed like a good option. The car had been a company car for Eurotunnel and had about 60,000 miles on the clock. It was the 16v multipoint injection version and went pretty well.

The biggest problem I had with it was engine oil leaks, overheating wiring on the heater motor and almost losing my thumb whilst changing the brake pads. I even drove it down to Austria for a skiing holiday and let it stretch its legs on the Autobahn. I kept it for four or five years.