1978 Leyland Princess 1800HL

Engine: 1798cc 4 cylinder
Power: 82hp
Top Speed: 93mph
0-60mph: 16 seconds

I bought this car in 1986/7 for £325. It belonged to an overseas student who had no licence, then was caught drink driving.

These were unlike any other cars of the time. A distinctive wedge shape and the quirky hydrogas suspension system which kept needing to be topped up.It had a pretty gutless b-series engine, I don't think it would reach much more than about 80mph in reality. It was also front wheel drive which was unusual in big British cars at the time.

It did excel in one area, it was enormous on the inside, very useful when we used it as our team bus for our basketball games.

I used the Princess to move all my worldly goods down to Norwich after I left university, the Dutton Phaeton S3 was still in pieces in my fathers garage. Unfortunately it needed too much work for its next MOT, so it had to go.