1974 Ford Escort 1300XL

Engine: 1298cc 4 cylinder 8 OHV
Power: 61hp
Performance: 90mph , 0-60 in 17.8 seconds
Weight: 785 kg

I swapped my Vauxhall Viva 1200 for this car. I planned to use it as a donor car to build my Dutton Phaeton S3 kit car. I wasn't too interested in the cars cosmetics but I should have paid more attention to its mechanical condition.

In the end almost every part of this car was unusable, despite having done only 70,000 miles.

The only parts that survived to be used on the kit car were the wiper motor, pedal box (not the master cylinder), steering column and rack, hand brake, heater (not the motor), radiator and the impressive 6 gauge instrument binnacle. The motor, front struts, suspension arms and brakes, shocks, lights and everything else had to be replaced.