1977 Yamaha RD250 Air Cooled

Engine 247cc 2 cylinder 2-stroke 
Power 30 hp (22.4 kW) @ 7500 rpm 
Torque:28.5 Nm (210.2 ft. lbs) @ 7000 rpm
Top Speed About 91mph 

I bought this bike in about 1983 in Fallin, from one of the guys I used to work with at Tesco. It cost me £115. It was a heavy old thing with quite a loose swinging arm, which made cornering exciting.

It was a much better option that the Yamaha RD125 Torque Induction with a passenger.

One our first outing to Edinburgh, I ran out of fuel on the motorway on the way back. No problem, turn on to reserve. Oops already on reserve. I wasn't used to this kind of fuel consumption! Some kind guys on a flatbed truck stopped and took us, and the bike, to the nearest petrol station.

The early RD's weren't particularly fast, probably in the 90's flat out. Maybe a little faster that the Honda CB250 Superdreams, Kawasaki KH250s and Z250's but not as quick as the Suzuki X7 and later Yamaha RD250LCs which could make the magic 100mph.

It was a good bike, never broke down or fell off it. The guy I sold it to was a bit of a nutter and completely destroyed it in just a few weeks of mayhem.