1976 Suzuki AP50

Engine 49cc 1 cylinder 2 stroke
Power 4.9hp at 8500 RPM
Performance 60mph
Weight 75kg

I actually owned two of these. The red one I bought from a guy in Bridge of Allan for about £30 I recall in 1982. The other, a blue one, from my friend Alby for less, as it was in pieces at the time.

I re-built the blue one and sold it to another kid at school. The proceeds I used for a re-bore on the Red bike and a new micron expansion system.

It was, in my opinion a better bike than the Yamaha Fizzy. It had five gears and also a separate two stroke oil tank, so you didn't need to mess around with pre-mix petrol.

The bike was unbelievably loud for a 50cc and was acknowledged as the fasted 50 in town, regularly making 60mph on the dual carriageway under the railway station, which was our "racetrack".

For a while it sported a ridiculously large fairing and racing seat that probably belonged on a 750-1000cc bike. I also had a bent set of adjustable ace bars that I think came off a Laverda Jota. I didn't have lot of money back then to run it, I was only earning about £9.50 per week from a part-time job at a petrol station.

A few days after my 17th Birthday, I passed my motorbike licence test on a Kawasaki Z250 which I had borrowed from my friend Alec Currie. The AP50 then made way for a Yamaha RD125 Torque Induction which I had been re-building from a very sorry state.