1974 Yamaha Fizzy

Engine  49 cc 1 cylinder 2 stroke
Power 4.8hp @ 7000RPM
Performance 55mph
4 speed gearbox

My first motor vehicle was a Yamaha moped. My mother bought it from my Uncle Chic for £15 for my 16th Birthday in 1981.

It was a bit of a wreck, so I spent a few weeks stripping it down and cleaning it up. I had a few practice sessions in the local woods and did a fair bit of falling off, the mirrors didn't survive. At 00:01 on the morning of my birthday I was off, riding through the streets of Alloa.


The Fizzy was quite quick as it was one of the old un-restricted 50cc bikes. I fitted a very noisy "stinger" expansion exhaust to it which didn't amuse the neighbours or teachers at school, but I was one of the only kids at my school with motorised transport.

The biggest drawback of the bike was its four speed gearbox. It ran out of steam at a little over 55mph due to the gearing but it was as fast, and more reliable than the Italian mopeds from Malaguti and Garelli. It also ran on pre-mix two stroke, which was a pain. The actual "pedals" on mine never worked.

I sold it to make way for the Suzuki AP50.