Minx is a Katalyst H2 catamaran, Hull Number 94, which we bought in 2015.

We were holidaying in Tauranga, New Zealand, when we decided to take our daughter Annabel down to Papamoa beach for the day. Papamoa is also the home of the Blokart factory and we had previously been down for a spin on the track there. We took Annabel out on a fast and fun sidecar combination, and whilst waiting the Katalyst could my eye.

It was originally conceived as an accessory for the Blokart, something that would convert a land yacht into a sailing catamaran. The H2 evolved to be a small catamaran that could be dismantled and carried on a car roof rack. This appealed to me because I have quite limited storage space at home and previously my Hobie Cat had to be stored offsite at considerable cost.

I spoke to the owner and creator of the Blokarts and he explained that they had built an initial run of 100 boats and there were only a few left, with no plans to build any more at this stage. He offered me a price I couldn't refuse, including a smaller rig that Annabel could use, and I was able to persuade myself it was an early birthday present.

We were pretty busy last year so only made one trip out on it. Initial impressions are very good. It is easy and quick to put together and sails well, but not crazy fast like the Hobie 17. It doesn't suffer the heart-stopping job of raising a long heavy mast into position. On the Hobie I was actually thinking a installing a remotely operated electric winch on the trailer to do the job.

I will need to put some buoyancy bags in the hulls, just in case I do capsize it. Like all beach cats this is also a trick to tacking them which I still need to master...